Board News and Events

  •  Our school board serves the towns of Hardwick, Greensboro, and Woodbury Vermont and is responsible for Hazen Union School. 
  • The Hazen Board is pleased to announce David Perrigo  has accepted the position of principal for the 2018-19 school year. 

Meeting Materials, Board Members, and Policies

​Unless otherwise stated in the agenda, our school board meets the third Monday of the month from 6 - 8:15 PM in the Hazen Union School Library. All meetings are open to the public and community members are encouraged to attend.

Community members can also email the board at All school board members and the Superintendent will receive your email. To remain in compliance with open meeting laws, the board cannot respond directly to email, but all communication will be reviewed at a public board meeting. 


​School Board Committees are useful when a specific issue or project requires more time than what can be accomplished during regular school board meetings. Committees can also leverage individual board member expertise in more depth.

Committee meetings of the board are open to the public and minutes are kept as part of the official board record. Any current committee work and meeting materials will be published below.