Daily Schedule: The school day at Hazen Union School begins promptly at 7:50 AM and ends at 2:35 PM. Students are expected to be on time and prepared for the academic day.

Student and Parent Handbook: Every Hazen student received a copy of the new Hazen Union School Student and Parent Handbook on the first day of school. Parents are also asked to review the student handbook with their child to insure that there is an understanding of student expectations and school policies. Questions about the student handbook may be directed to John Craig, Associate Principal.

Supplemental Educational Services: As Hazen Union moves into Year 1 Corrective Action, it must begin to offer Supplemental Education Services (SES), dedicate resources and offer them until the school makes AYP for two consecutive years and exits school improvement. Please click on the SES link on the left-hand toolbar to access more information.

School Meals: Hazen Union School continues to serve healthy breakfasts and lunches for our students. Families are encouraged to complete the application for free and reduced lunches that will be included in the Information Packet that students receive on the first day of school. Applications should be returned to the Guidance Office. The cost of breakfast is $1.75; lunch for students is $3.00 and milk is $.50. There is no charge for reduced price breakfast and lunch this year. OSSU Meal Charge Procedure

Parking Passes: Students who drive to school and park a vehicle at Hazen are required to register their vehicle in the Principal's Office and display a Hazen Student Parking Pass. Please see Mrs. Quinn in the Principal's Office to get a registration form. All student vehicles must be registered by November 15 .

Parking Lot Security: Students and staff are reminded that it is important to ALWAYS lock your vehicle when parking on Hazen property. It is disturbing to hear of thefts anywhere in our learning community, however, the school is not responsible for items stolen from an unlocked vehicle. Please be aware, be safe, LOCK your vehicle and always report any suspicious behavior.

Dress Code: Students and parents are asked to review the Dress Code Policy described in the Hazen Union School Student and Parent Handbook. While no one wants to be the "fashion police", students are advised that the dress code will be enforced.

Community Service: All students are required to complete 30 hours of community service prior to graduation. For Community Service Certification Forms or ideas of how and where community service projects are available, see Mrs. Quinn in the Principal's Office.

Parent Portal: Parents and students can access information on grades, assignment s and attendance records. To access the Parent Portal, obtain your access id and password from the Guidance Office at 472-6511 Ext. 2196 or bmarquis@ossu.org. Once you have the access codes, go to: http://ps.ossu.org/public/ and click on the blue "Create Account" button. Be sure to use the parent access id and password you have obtained from the Guidance Office under the "Link Students to Account" screen.