School Profile

The geographic location of the Orleans Southwest Supervisory Union (OSSU) is often referred to as the ‘Gateway to the Northeast Kingdom.’ OSSU serves about 1,100 students PK-12 across six towns in four counties, totaling approximately 6,900 residents.

Hazen Union School is a public school with 300 students in grades 7-12. Hazen Union has a diverse membership, with approximately 70% of students receiving free or reduced lunch. Hazen Union offers challenging academics and enriching co-curricular programs.


Hazen Union School exists so that all students are empowered with the knowledge and skills needed to achieve their full potential and become successful, responsible, and contributing members of society, both locally and globally.


Hazen Union School is a union high school that serves the towns of Hardwick, Greensboro, and Woodbury. Hardwick and the surrounding towns are in the midst of an organic food and craft products renaissance utilizing the rich agricultural resources our region has an abundance of. We have received national and international acclaim for the transformation of our economy to one based on high quality agricultural-based products. The community and school share a strong partnership that enables students to extend their learning outside the school building and into their local community.


Hazen Program of Studies

Hazen Union provides its students with an extensive and comprehensive curriculum. We operate under an alternating day, 70-minute block schedule. The school is committed to heterogeneous grouping, allowing students to choose an academic path best suited to their learning goals. Each student selects a program reflecting their individual interests, abilities, and needs. Students are encouraged to enroll in the most demanding program possible.

Community Service

Graduation requirements include 30 hours of community service. Through community service, students connect themselves to people in their community and gain a wide variety of experiences that strengthen their values, habits of mind, and academic work. Many students find community service so rewarding, they go above and beyond the thirty hours.

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