Academic Overview

Hazen Union has been experiencing proficiency-based learning since 2017, and recognizes that one of the main goals of this kind of system is to produce and recognize growth in learners. Our courses have assigned proficiencies, and each credit earned roughly corresponds with proficiency attainment. For the majority of students at Hazen, a credit-based approach seems to be the path they elect. Some students, however, may design their own learning through the Pathways and Flexible Learning programs. Other students mix the two modes of progress.

Grades or reports that can accurately reflect the learning, progress, and achievement of learners is essential. This includes accurately recognizing the growth of learners who struggled in the early part of a year, but were able to focus, engage, give effort, and do the work necessary to earn success.

At Hazen Union School, grades are meant to clearly communicate, support, and enhance learning. To earn credit, learners need to show that they have acquired the expected skills and/or knowledge by meeting course standards. Grades support and enhance student learning by reporting accurately on student growth and progress. To earn credit, students need to show that they have acquired expected knowledge and skills by meeting ten to fifteen clear, stated learning standards for each course or program. Those learning standards (also called Course Standards) are stated in the course syllabus and are listed in the course grade book.