Hazen Union Music Programs

Hazen Union offers middle school band, high school band, middle school chorus, high school chorus, and high school select chorus.

Course Credit

High school students get one fine arts credit for one year of band. Middle school band is not credit-bearing.

High school chorus and select chorus each offer one fine arts credit. Middle school chorus is not credit-bearing.

graphic of xylophone and Hazen Union Band

Hazen offers a middle school band and a high school band. Students with prior experience playing a band instrument are welcome and encouraged to join. Students without prior experience who are interested should talk with the band teacher, Leah Gagnon, about how to get involved. The instruments typically found in band are flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, saxophones (alto, tenor, and baritone), trumpet, French horn, trombone, euphonium, tuba, and percussion.

Learn more on the Hazen Union Band webpage.

Graphic of Hazen Union Chorus with treble clef

Hazen’s Chorus program offers students a community music experience through ensemble singing. Students expand their music literacy, ability, and knowledge through the study and performance of high quality choral literature, covering a broad range of works from a diverse array of time periods and cultures. Students of all levels of experience are welcome to participate in Middle School and High School Chorus, and high school students may audition for placement in Select Chorus.

Learn more on the Hazen Union Chorus webpage.