DREAM Program

The DREAM Program, in partnership with Hazen Union, Hardwick Elementary and Lakeview Elementary, pairs motivated and passionate Hazen high school students with Hardwick Elementary and Lakeview Elementary students through a course in youth mentoring and social change. This is a service learning experience split between a course of study and direct service.

In the course of study, students explore four primary themes—Mentorship, Identity, Sense of Place, and Meaning & Purpose—each of which seeks to answer a set of critical questions and prepare them to be an extraordinary mentor. The direct service component matches students with an elementary school “mentee” in weekly one-to-one and group activities, including exploring their community, going on local and regional adventures, conducting service work, and just having fun!

The Hazen students also benefit from mentoring by participating in small group and one-to-one mentoring with a mentor guide.