Help Desk & Support

OSSU has an online ticket system to manage staff and student technology support requests. Support is requested by emailing and submitting an electronic ticket. Please include your name, school, a description of the issue, and what steps have already been taken to fix the issue. Our goal is to assign the ticket to tech staff within 24 hours and resolve the issue as promptly as possible. Issues that directly impact classroom instruction are prioritized.

Staff and students are encouraged to use self-help resources when dealing with common tech issues, particularly with Google Applications. Individual or group training on specific technology-related issues or applications can be scheduled as needed with school or central office tech staff. For example, OSSU Central Office hosts beginning of the year Google Applications training after school for any staff who wish to review or learn more about gmail, calendar, and Google Drive.

Officially, OSSU tech staff does not provide support for personally owned devices. Tech staff will provide instructions where appropriate for connecting to network resources, and they may occasionally be able to help with personal devices based on resource availability and educational merit.

Remote Assistance

Sometimes tech staff may need to access your device remotely. Here are the instructions to grant them access:

  1. Open a Chrome Browser window.
  2. Make sure you are signed into Chrome with your OSSU account. If you are unsure how to sign into Chrome, visit how to sign into Chrome.
  3. Once signed into Chrome, make sure your bookmarks are showing. If you do not see them, click on the three dots in the top right and then click "Bookmarks" and "Show Bookmarks Bar".
  4. Once you see your bookmarks, click on the far left folder labeled "OSSU" and click on "Remote Support Download".
  5. The Remotix Quick Connect application will download automatically. If the application fails to automatically download, you may need to click the download link at the top of the page.
  6. Run the Acronis Cyber Protect QC application and provide the OSSU tech support person with the computer ID and access code that the application provides you.