Work-Based Learning (WBL)

Work-based learning (WBL) is learning that results from students engaging in activities on site with employers. WBL creates opportunities for employers and schools to provide structured learning experiences to develop workplace readiness, technical skills and 21st Century Skills. It is a process that allows students to explore careers, connect with businesses, learn about the functions of an organization, and understand the relevance of their education. Work-based learning experiences are activities that involve actual work experience or that connect classroom learning to employment and careers. Through work-based learning experiences, educational programs become more relevant, rigorous, challenging, and rewarding for students, parents, educators, and businesses. These opportunities particularly help students make the connection between classroom learning and real world applications. For many, being able to answer the question ‘Why do I need to know this?’ provides motivation for more learning.

Work-Based Learning occurs along a continuum. Below you will find activities that fall along the continuum.


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