Independent Based Learning (IBL)

Learning Opportunities Outside of the Traditional Classroom

Through Independent Based Learning (IBL) opportunities, Hazen Union High School encourages students to pursue areas of interest and learning that are not available in our regular course offerings.

The IBL option is not meant to replace course requirements for graduation, but rather is an addition or enhancement to the existing and current school curriculum.


Students wishing to pursue IBL opportunities must meet with the School Counseling Office during the registration period for the next school year or semester. IBL proposal requirements include the following:

1. Course description

2. Potential community partners, title, organization, and their contact information (if relevant).

3. Proficiencies and Transferable Skills that align with the course description learning plan (week by week outline)

4. Method of assessment and evaluation of learning (for example: weekly check ins, work-site evaluations, photographs, and evidence that demonstrates learning)

5. Proposed presentation date and audience of final project

After completion of the application, candidates will be notified to meet with the Work Based Learning (WBL) Coordinator, Academic Pathways Coordinator, or your School Counselor.

Application Deadlines

Deadlines are two weeks after the add/drop period.

First Semester: September 15

Second Semester: December 22