Independent Study Final Presentations

Students engaged in IBL must prepare a 20-30 minute presentation about their Independent Study. Each presentation must include:

  • A visual component (slideshow, video, poster, etc)

  • A course description

  • Assessment and evidence of Learning

  • Vermont State Proficiency-Based Graduation indicators

  • Essential Learning Outcomes (ELOs)

  • Examples of work that demonstrate growth (rough & final draft, before & after pictures, etc)

  • Time logs or journal reflections to demonstrate work over time

  • Reflection from student (see questions below)

  • If you worked with a community advisor: reflection or reference from community advisor

Guiding Questions

To assist you in this final presentation process, please answer these guiding questions for your final presentation. Hint: if you answer these questions you will meet the presentation requirements!

  • What was your Independent Study?

  • What did you do daily/weekly/monthly? Walk us through a typical day.

  • How often did you work on your independent study?

  • Who helped you? How did they help you?

  • Why were you/are you interested in doing this independent study?

  • What did you originally want to accomplish? (What were your ELOs?)

  • Did everything go as planned? Did you have to adapt your ELOs or goals? If so, how did you adapt them, and why?

  • How did you know you were meeting your ELOs? How did you know you were learning? Be specific!

  • What are some examples of work to show your growth?

  • What did you like/not like about doing an independent study?

  • How did this independent study affect your education at Hazen Union?

  • If you were to do this again, what would you do differently?

  • What do you want to learn next?