Why Hazen students are involved in Drama

Emily Kimball: "I joined drama club my freshman year kinda by accident. Fast forward to senior year and I’m getting leads. Freshman year was pretty rough for me emotionally. I was going from homeschool to high school and my social skills were non-existent. Drama club gave me a place to be myself. I watched everyone around me and I thought, ‘Wow. These people love and support each other. I want to be in that kind of environment. One that is happy and silly where people enjoy being with each other.’ Junior year, my anxiety got really bad. The classes were harder and scarier and had roman numerals in front of them. But, I always had my fellow actors. The people that could make me actually laugh on the really bad days where I didn’t want to get out of bed in the morning. Now I’m a senior doing early college. I’m in a completely different environment, surrounded by people who I don’t know, which makes my brain automatically think they don’t like me. However, every time I walk into Hazen Union to go to rehearsal, as soon as I enter the Aud I am welcomed by a collective scream of “EMMY!!!!!” I know that I am loved and cherished by these people. I am so excited for this year."

Jonah: "Drama has always been a safe place where I can express myself and feel safe and comfortable being who I want. It’s a very close knit group, and I know I can always trust them to support me."

Course Credit

Students who perform in 3 shows with speaking lines can get credit towards graduation for their Public Speaking credit.

We love being part of the audience, too!

The Hazen Union Drama Club also occasionally travels in small groups to see performances at other schools, colleges, and community theaters!