TIPS Internship Exploration Program

For students who would like a more structured career exploration and internship program, we are pleased to be offering the Training Interns and Partnering for Success Program. The TIPS Program helps students understand their unique skills and interests and creates opportunities for you to practice and build upon these in your community. 

Students participating in TIPS will be participating in regularly scheduled classes with the Work-Based Learning Coordinator. Students will participate in a 20 hour pre-employment course and a 40 hour un-paid internship with a local employer or employers. This is a semester long course, upon successful completion, students will earn IBL elective proficiencies.


Course Topics:

  1. What do you know and want to know about getting and keeping a job?

  2. What career fields are growing in Vermont? Which of these fields are a good match for me and why? What does my ideal job/career look like?

  3. What does my ideal job/career look like? What post-secondary options will help me achieve my career aspirations?

  4. What are the essential components of a successful job search? How can I promote my strengths while networking?

  5. Why is a strong resume important to my job search? How can I craft a better resume for myself?

  6. What does an effective cover letter look like?

  7. How can I perform successfully in an interview and consistently meet employer expectations? How do I ask the right questions to learn more about the internship or job opportunity?

  8. What is the Creative Economy and how can I be a part of it? How can I be innovative in my career field? Why is it important that I utilize innovation today?

  9. What is it like to work for a local company or organization on a day-to-day basis? How does an actual local workplace compare to my concept of an ideal work environment?

  10. How can I identify hazards on the job to prevent injuries? How should I respond to emergencies in the workplace?

  11. What is my digital footprint? How can information I post on the Internet affect my future employment and education opportunities?

  12. Am I ready for my internship?

For more information, please contact your guidance counselor or Jen Olson at 472-6511.