IBL Presentations

Independent Study Final Presentation

Please prepare a 20-30 minute presentation about your Independent Study. In your presentation there must be:

A visual component (slideshow, video, poster, etc)

A course description

Assessment and evidence of Learning

Vermont State Proficiency-Based Graduation indicators

Essential Learning Outcomes (ELOs)

Examples of work that demonstrate growth (rough & final draft, before & after pictures, etc)

Time logs or journal reflections to demonstrate work over time

Reflection from student (see questions below)

If you worked with a community advisor: reflection or reference from community advisor


To assist you in this final presentation process, please answer these guiding questions for your final presentation. Hint: if you answer these questions you will meet the presentation requirements!


What was your Independent Study?

What did you do daily/weekly/monthly? Walk us through a typical day.

How often did you work on your independent study?

Who helped you? How did they help you?

Why were you/are you interested in doing this independent study?

What did you originally want to accomplish? (What were your ELOs?)

Did everything go as planned? Did you have to adapt your ELOs or goals? If so, how did you adapt them, and why?

How did you know you were meeting your ELOs? How did you know you were learning? Be specific!

What are some examples of work to show your growth?

What did you like/not like about doing an independent study?

How did this independent study affect your education at Hazen Union?

If you were to do this again, what would you do differently?

What do you want to learn next?