Flexible Pathways

Pathways to Success!

Pathways is designed to support students in navigating academic, career, post-secondary, &/or employment opportunities.

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Through Individualize Learning (IL) opportunities, Hazen Union High School encourages students to pursue areas of interest and learning that are not available in our regular course offerings.

The IBL option is not meant to replace course requirements for graduation, but rather is an addition or enhancement to the existing and current school curriculum.


Students that enroll in Pathways identify career and/or post secondary goals as part of their Personalized Learning Plan. Once identified, students can work with Pathways to find a suitable internship placement. Through this process, when appropriate, students will complete an Independent Study form and will earn academic credit in the academic area in which the internship fulfills proficiency.


Students engage in Community Based Learning experiences. Approximately once per week, as a small group, students attend various organizations that help them to establish employable skills. As part of student's Pathways Plan they are required to attend a Community Based Learning experience when one of their goals is working toward employment.

Through these opportunities, students are working toward meeting Transferable Skills which are part of required Graduation Proficiencies which help prepare students for the workforce focusing on Communication, Self Direction, Creative and Practical Problem Solving, Responsible and Involved Citizenship, and Informed and Integrative Thinking.


Pathways has had the pleasure to work closely with many area employers. Through ongoing outreach, our students have had the opportunity to work in various jobs. In this process, students are learning essential skills that are required to be a responsible employee and community member.

Those students who have current employment as part of their Pathways Plan or a goal of achieving employment, work with Pathways to create a resume, learn interview skills, practice work ethic, and other essential employable skills.


Once a year, Pathways attends the Lamoille Valley Career and Job Fair. The visit gives students the opportunity to meet, speak, and explore career opportunities. For the first time this academic year (2015-2016), Pathways hosted our first Hazen Union's Annual Career and Job Fair. Through this process students, including Middle Level students, took part in contacting local business, organizations, and entrepreneurs. It was a great success and an opportunity for students, both middle level and high school, and community members to make connections!

Throughout the school year, these connections will continue to be made and flourish. The intention is to encourage community connections for students in their area of career interest.